Luca Vasi

We sat down with upcoming rapper Luca Vasi @premelucas and get into his history, some of his local influences and a whole lot more. Thanks for listening!


It’s just the hosts this week! We reminisce on all of season one and talk about the future of T.A.W.P.


Special thank you to RC for writing this description for our show!

Have you ever thought about what a podcast revolving around Tucson hip hop In the afterworld would sound like? Mankind & HiRise1 started the Afterworld Podcast to help push local Tucson talent. When you take a look on their website you’ll see interviews with 8OhOx, Woodro, Elias, TiMWiNN, Cash Lansky & more. They have accomplished their goal so far by pushing amazing talent that Is bred In the city. With their genius format of short episodes they are pushing out great content on a consistent basis.

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Community Is very Important but with their platform they are helping promote Tucson artists,venues & blogs. When you listen to this show, you will hear In depth conversations filled with humor which will make you feel like you are In the room. Have you ever thought about what a Breakfast club with a Tucson twist would sound like? The Afterworld podcast Is a local artist’s dream podcast! If you want to stay updated on the awesome Tucson hip hop scene this podcast Is one you should definitely be checking out.
-Royal Cortez(We Are Buggin Out)