Bye TAWP, it’s been fun!

full (9)I probably should have already announced that TAWP has their new home! Go check out and tell us how much you love the shiny new site! Thank you so much for just being here to share this exciting time with us! Mankind is taking back as they’ve recently awakened for another round of debauchery and hard hitting tracks, aimed directly at your stankin’ asses! Let’s get it!

Mankind is BACK!

After a 7 year and then another 2 year hiatus, the Tucson, Arizona based rap band “Mankind” has returned to finally release they’re recordings! There will be interviews, live shows, pop ups and all kinds of other events as well as a local tour happening! We are so excited to get moving and see if we have any fans left…jk We’re gonna start by releasing our discography to date, to clear the way for all of our fresh new classics in the works. Hopefully we will be back on stage by October 17′ we’ve certainly had enough time to think about it! lol Good times, good people, good music ahead. -Mkband

Old Tucson

I posted 2 songs from my original demo tape(2001) and 2 songs from our cavern session(unreleased), you may or may not know them. Thanks for listening, maybe we can get our shit together and do some shows this fall/winter and get a spot at the THHF18. #FuckMankind
Ps- “A Night In The Life Of Mankind” Our original band doc, remastered is coming soon!


We get down with SURE @surejbee @surejbee71_sure singer/rapper/artist from RTurn Ent reppin’ TUC hard! SURE is a great guy and this was an amazing interview. As always, please share, like, sub, add or click everywhere you go online. Thank you so very much for listening!

BV Beatz

We caught up with the amazing @BVBeatz @bvtucaz live sequencer/beatmaker/producer and all around great guy! Please share, rate, follow & sub everywhere you roam the interweb! Thanks for listening!

Byron Hyperion

We get it in with @ByronHyperion about his inspiration, history and we have some fun! S/o Tucson and all the hard working artists! We sincerely appreciate all the support ya’ll have shown! Please like, follow, subscribe and share on any and all of your favorite social platforms!

Royal Cortez x R3D

We are very happy to release our talk with the maestro of TUC rap blogs Royal Cortez @RoyalCortez98. R3D @MrR3DPLAN3T jumps into the co-host seat and we really get it in!!! All your likes, comments and support mean so much to us, thank you!!!

Woodro x Tamale

**Double Episode** We have the amazing opportunity to get a lil crazy with our guy Woodro_music! He also brought his Dj/producer @YoungxTamale. We have some serious fun on this one! Thanks for listening!!!